Build 7 Inch Long Range FPV Drone


There are tons of FPV parts out there and finding correct parts to build is one of the challenge and satisfaction. Its depend on what you want to build. In this post, I will share my current build (2022) for 7 Inch Long Range FPV Drone.

In case you are looking for reference, i hope this post may help you. There is no right on wrong in building a drone, use what works for you, that’s it!

Ok, so here is my bucket list and where you can find them. I am living in Indonesia, so, most of the link I provided here is from known local marketplace, Tokopedia. You may search on Google where to buy the part.

7 Inch Long Range FPV Drone Part List

Krakatoa 7 Inch Long Range FPV Drone
Krakatoa 7 Inch Long Range FPV Drone build by my friend, Menyox FPV, gone for 10 km across 2 island, from Punggur, Batam Island to Tanjung Uban, Bintan Island

I fly analog, so below list is for analog build and run in 6S. If you build digital, just replace VTX with DJI Air Unit or Caddx Vista.

And here are the parts list.

That’s it! Happy building and fly!

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